1. Price List

Prices quoted are in Australian dollars unless otherwise specified, ex-Warehouse-North Ryde NSW, and do not include any taxes, freight costs or any other possible levies of surcharges. Prices are effective as of the date indicated on the price list; all other previously issued prices will at this time become superseded. ALL PRICE LISTS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. Price amendments may occur in accordance to fluctuations of the Australian Dollar, increased manufacturing costs or other unforeseen expenses.

2. Selling Prices

The selling price of any particular item(s) will be determined and validated by either:

  1. A written quotation specifying the offered price, date offered, Terms & Conditions of Sale including the period in which the quotation is valid;
  2. A verbal agreement with established prices based on that of the current price list, or, as negotiated at the time of the order placement.

3. Surcharges, Taxes, Duties and Levies

Where extra charges are incurred on behalf of the client, in the event of delays, mis-deliveries, credit difficulties or otherwise, expenses will be billed to the client on the corresponding invoice and payable as per the Terms and Conditions of Sale.

The Customer must pay Compro an amount equal to the GST on any supply of Goods together with payment for the Goods (at the GST rate applied at the time of invoice), unless entitled to GST exemption for any reason.

4. Title of Goods

All merchandise will remain the property of and are held under ownership by Compro until fully paid for. Ownership will only pass to the client when complete payment has been received.

In the event of any product(s), whether in the same or modified condition, being sold whilst under evaluation without the consent of Compro, with due or otherwise intent to dishonour payment, or money owing on overdue invoices or payment outstanding as a result of uncommon business practices, will result in Legal Action commencing seven (7) days from our written notice.

5. Delivery

Freight charges will be payable by the client and will appear on all invoices based on standard courier rates. Extras charged for VIP services, long distances, remote locations, excessive weight or size will be billed to the Customer.

Compro does not hold itself responsible for late deliveries, misplaced consignments, delays or any other related incident that may occur under the management of the carrier.

6. Pick-Ups

The Customer may prefer to organise their own courier, or have the equipment picked up by an employee, respectively in these situations we require:

  1. Courier details including your account number;
  2. Four working hours' notification, trading terms finalised and employee identification.

7. Payment Terms

Compro will invoice the Customer for the Goods sold. The Customer must pay all invoices (without deduction or offset) on a "cash before delivery" basis, unless credit terms are agreed in writing between Compro and the Customer.

Payment methods include:

  1. Telegraphic Transfer;
  2. Cash / Bank cheque / Direct deposit;
  3. A Company or Personal cheque would have to be cleared before delivery can be made.

Compro may withdraw from supply of any order(s) pending delivery, if Compro is placed under the risk financially, exposed to dishonoured cheques or bad payment, or, where the Customer has current financial matters to reconcile.

8. Cancellations or Postponements

In the event that Compro is or has been holding stock for a confirmed order that has been awaiting payment or delivery for a length of time, which results in cancellation or postponement, Compro has the option to enforce a re-stocking fee or cancellation fee, or, to sell the stock in question.

The Customer may not cancel, nor re-schedule, nor postpone any order or part thereof after the commencement of shipping by Compro.

9. Warranty

To the extent permitted by law, Compro's entire responsibility with respect to warranties for the product(s) is to pass on to the Customer the benefit of any manufacturers' warranties, unless stated otherwise. Software products are not warranted under these Terms and Conditions of Sale. Such software products are warranted in accordance with the relevant licence agreements that govern their use.

To the extent permitted by law, the manufacturers' warranties are in substitution for all other terms, conditions and warranties, whether implied by statute or otherwise (including implied warranties with respect to merchantability and fitness of purpose) and all such terms, conditions and warranties are expressly excluded.

Certain legislation may imply warranties or conditions or impose obligations upon Compro which cannot be excluded, restricted or modified except to a limited extent. These Terms and Conditions of Sale must be read subject to those statutory provisions. If those statutory provisions apply, to the extent to which Compro is able to do so, its liability will be limited, as its option, to:

  1. In the case of products: the replacement of the products or re-supply of equivalent products; repair of the products; payment of the cost of replacing the products or acquiring equivalent products; or the payment of the cost of having the products repaired; and
  2. In the case of services: the supply of the services again; or the payment of the cost of having the serviced supplied again.

Compro is not liable for damage caused by improper use, interfacing, power surges, the use of non-certified equipment in conjunction with, or mistreatment in handling resulting to product damage.

Any product returned under warranty that does not clearly display the manufacturers' serial number and date of manufacture where applicable, will not be processed for warranty.

Any liability that may be excluded by the provisions of these terms and conditions will be dealt with in accordance to each circumstance, reaching judgment based on the nature of the claim.

Compro reserves the right to determine the outcome of a warranty claim in the event a dispute arises.

Compro has the option to:

  1. Refuse a warranty claim if it is illegitimate;
  2. Repair or replace the product;
  3. Suppy an equivalent product or credit the goods to the next order;
  4. Pay the cost of such a replacement or repairs in the absence of or inability to provide a stock replacement.

10. Returns

Any product being returned for credit will be accepted only if the Customer has first obtained from Compro a Returned Goods Authority (RGA) number for that return and any such return of goods for credit will be handled in accordance with Compro's returns of goods for credit procedures (as amended from time to time).

Products will not be accepted for warranty if the following procedures are not adhered to:

  1. (RGA) Returned Goods Authority number issued by the service department when the equipment is received;
  2. A copy of hte invoice or a returned goods policy completed;
  3. Fault report indicating the problems, failures or irregularities of the equipment and when at the latest the product must be returned;
  4. Company details including phone and fax numbers and contact names.

Compro reserves the right to not accept a product for return or credit if a discrepancy is caused being the Customer's misintention, or where the product was not originally purchased from Compro.

All freight charges to Compro are the responsibility of the Customer, returns by Compro will be absorbed, unless the goods are out of warranty, or, clearly not a Compro supplied product.

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